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transporting Cheesy potatoes and baked beans

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Ok, I have to take baked beans and cheesy potatoes for 60 to an event on Sunday. I have to be at this event at 9am.  Lunch is starting at 11:30 am.   Should I have the potatoes cooked all the way cooked , part way cooked  or cook there.  They will be in an electric roaste. These are those hashbrown, cheese, sour cream type potatoes.


I also have baked beans.  Those will have to be cooked.  But I have no idea if they can be warmed safely in  crock pots in that amount of time.  I will have 2 -  5qt crock pots of these.  One vegetarian and one not.  

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You can probably take both already cooked if it isn't too far.    Just make sure you don't spill it!

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So you think they will the potatoes will be ok to hold in the roaster  for 2.5 - 3 hours on warm?

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Transport after cooking in a cooler lined with old towels or newpapers. I use it during BBQ's to hold cooked meats for 3-4 hours.

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Hmm, wow. This is a tough one.  I didn't quite read that you said you had to be there at 9am.  The ideal situation would be to cook them, cool them at home, and then reheat them quickly.  That goes for the beans as well.  I think some roasters will reheat quickly but you might have to stir it.


Depending on how cooked you want them beans should be fine in the crock pot.  I would cook them all the way, turn off the crock pot, then turn it back on about a 45 minutes before lunch.


Something like that.  Run it through your head and see if it makes sense.

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Mary, I assume you mean put the crockpot of beans in the cooler. However the potatoes will be in an electric roaster, which is way to big for the cooler.  So with the potatoes, If I started them at home, then unplugged and drove 45 minutes and plugged them back in .  Would that be ok, safe?  Or should they be totally cooked .  It is such a big batch, I am thinking it will take 2-3 hours ? 

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Kuan,  So I need to totally cook and cool the potatoes before I leave? Then reheat when I get there?  Will the quality of the potatoe be at risk?

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Transfer the potatoes to pans that will fit a cooler and wrap them with foil. Put into the cooler on top of a couple towels and wrap the towel over the top. I have held pork roasts for pulled pork for 6 hours this way. When I took them out to pull they were still 170 degrees. Something dense like the potato is going to stay hot just as well. Preheat the cooler with a hot brick or cast iron pan to help extend the holding time. When you get there transfer back to the roaster for serving. Are the beans homemade or from cans? My homemade beans I have let cook overnight, put the crockpot in a cooler and traveled to my location then plugged it back in om low to hold until service. Did this for work many times, same for my club at the college when we had potlucks.

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Mary has the better plan.

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Beans are home made with dry beans. And actually after you gave the idea of the coolers at first, I thought about smaller pans after I responded to you.


So it sounds like making everything totally before I leave is the general thought.


Thanks to both of you.

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