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Homemade Cajun Sauce

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I have come up with a pretty good cajun sauce recipe that goes as follows:

Make up spice recipe......this is a recipe of spices i have put together my self

Coat chicken in spice mixture

fry chicken and veg....add double/heavy cream.


This makes for a really beautiful sauce and I am asked to make this constantly by friends and family.


What I would love to do is make the sauce before hand so maybe I could just put it on the already cooked chicken.


I have tried making a mixture of the spices with the cream before hand but it doesnt taste the same...or even nice.


Would anyone have any ideas on how I would do this or if it will even work?



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when you make it the way you describe you are making a pan sauce that is gaining a ton of flavor from cooking the chicken and veg in the pan.  When you make it alone there is none of that.  You could supply the rub to people with directions to rub saute and make sauce by adding cream.

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