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Old fashion raisin pie

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When I was a kid, my Mom and aunt made the best raisin pie. I think they used tapioca for thickener, and then covered it with real whipped cream. We lived on a farm, so the cream was from the milk tank.
Anyone heard of this recipe? I can't find a similar recipe anywhere. Sour cream raisin is really good, but this one is my favorite.
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My mom (not a great baker, I learned most everything I know from HER mom) used to frequent a little mom and pop place in our home town.

Predominantly a Hispanic area,( most of what she brought home was Pan Dulce), there were some fudge brownies and blondies, chocolate chip cookies and this amazing shortbread based raisin bar cookie.

Closed for so long that I cannot find a family member to get a recipe, this cookie search has driven my adulthood years.

What is it about a mass of dehydrated raisins, mixed with eggs and sugar and baked on a crust that makes us remember and long for it?



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Psgpkr, shame you couldnt have learned more, sounds unusual--possibly even something innovated by your

mum or Aunt at the time. So many awesome baking and cooking brainstorms get swept away with time.


Mimi, there are scads of raisin shortbread bar cookie recipes. Was there something

differente/especialle about the ones you remember?

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Change the above dehydrated to RE hydrated, thankyouverymuch.

The only time and place I have ever had them was in my hometown so nothing to compare them to, meezie.


May be just a "good" childhood memory, but I would certainly like the chance to put this quest to bed.

My mom brought them home and in doing so implied those little buttery (and crumbly) squares of plump raisins were a treat.

To my thinking treats are a spur of the moment experience (a surprise if you will) so was thinking you could maybe make up a few batches from the most likely recipes (for a blind taste test) and FedEx to the mimi.

Make certain that no hint of the arrival of the fruits (pun intended) of your labor are dropped so the element of surprised will be maintained.

I still have a hundred or so white paper baggies hanging around so after I mark them (ABC format ok?) will get them right to you.


I will then consume and rate (mine, ALL MINE, hehehe) in order of best to last.

You will then post the winning recipe to share with psg (maybe one with tapioca) so the OP's thirst may also be quenched.

Two birds, one stone (ok then, raisin ;-)



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this is the classic recipe which will not disappoint:

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 so was thinking you could maybe make up a few batches from the most likely

recipes (for a blind taste test) and FedEx to the mimi.

And we all shalst bow eagerly to thine majestic cravings and gift our fair Queen with

unexpected sweet succulents from all corners of the land!


Ohhh what a wonderful dreamer you are!!lol.gif



Thank you Brian, we'll have to check that one out!



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Sticking tongue out at meeze....

Yes Brian, I never thought to check out the SunMaid site.



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