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Fair Salary - New Hampshire

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Wondering if anybody has any input on a fair salary for a kitchen assistant-type position in New Hampshire. The Restaurant is open for only six meals (five days) per week, including parties and weddings on these days. The hours would be anywhere from 45-65 per week. Responsibilities would be working the broiler, supervising the kitchen, coming up with specials, etc. The restaurant seats a little over a hundred people. We turn these tables twice on a good night, only about 50 - 60 covers on weekdays this time of year. I've only been working here a couple of months, previously working for a friend of the Chef who gave me a great reference. I've looked online etc. but if anyone has an opinion specific to these details I'd be appreciative.
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I'm not quite positive on that specific title, I haven't heard it used much.


The description you provided sounds like a Sous Chef position, or a Kitchen Manager type role, with an added station to work.


I wouldn't work a job like that for less than $43k or so, right in that ballpark.

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Here in Virginia an "assistant kitchen manager" or KM average around 36-40k a year depending on experience and type of operation

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Do you have a job now? 


If the answer is "Yes", then compare the new job to what you do/make now and make a decision. 


If the answer is "No", then what difference does it make?   Working and being paid is much better, in my book anyway, than not working and not getting paid. 


YMMV though.     Still ... We work in kitchens, it ain'te rocket-surgery. 

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Right Squirrel it would be similar to Sous Chef minus some of the responsibilities.

Iceman: I do have a job there now. It is a promotion of sorts. Taking on more responsibility and going to salary over hourly, like I am now.

I have been cooking for four years and worked in food service for six total. I'm twenty years old.
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A small restaurant doing that kind of volume...I'd pay you 35 - 45k.

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40k sounds about right
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Wherein nh? In the southern part of the state cost of living is double the north and wages are higher. I the seacoast a sous at an upscale gets 45-50. execs $55 plus. Be careful with hourly to salary transitions. If work hours/duties aren't clearly defined you may both end up feeling like you got the short end.

Seen plenty of cooks drop 10hrs the week they went salary, just as many get worked to the bone once OT is off the table
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In the New England area some one doing your job should be making 40-45k plus an incentive agreed with the owner but the hours are 52-55 hrs my sous chef makes that he also helps with scheduling and inventory and if the dishwasher quits HE MUST find another or else  

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I live in New Hampshire and have found that the sous jobs and kitchen manager gigs can pay anywhere from 35 k to 40 k.
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