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Is culinary school for me.

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I am currently a line cook. I ran a restaurant about six months ago but was let go, along with half the staff, when new management took over. I have over ten year of experience but I was considering going into culinary school. I want to be a regional Chef or an executive Chef again. Is culinary school a wise choice or should I just knock on doors.

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I have a culinary degree. I also have experience in the industry. I remember my degree got me into more doors then my experience. Im not saying my experience is not that good, I'm just saying if two people are applying for a job, one has a degree and the other doesn't, who do you think they will take.


Others might disagree, but i'm telling you from my experience. Either way, the chef will make you cook for him and thats when you will physically impress him. Let your degree academically impress him as well.


Hope this helps.

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