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Thinking about college...

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I am a Junior in high school and currently enrolled in a certified technical baking and pastry class, and I've been trying to find the best place for me to apply for college when i'm a senior. I plan on persuing a baking and pastry degree as well as a business management degree. I tend to like places where it's more about the hustle and bustle of things and I don't mind about class sizes. I do mind about the location of the school because I want to go out of my home state (VA) and start exploring the different cities around the USA. Which school would think would be best for me? I've already contacted and thought about Johnson & Wales in Providence, RI, CIA in Hyde Park, NY, Texas Culinary Arts Institute, TX, and Le Cordon Bleu in Las Vegas, NV. Would there be a better place for me to check out other than these four? I do not mind price or time frame to get these degrees because I will pay the money off one way or another. Thank you, and if you have been to one of these schools please tell me your experience!


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I'm from NYC and thought about going to culinary school there. Then I thought about how I can leave my home city and explore. I went to culinary school in San Diego, Ca. That city is probably America's best kept secret! Its culture is amazing, is right on the water, it's on the boarder of Mexico, the people are great, and the food there is awesome. I would suggest going to San Diego. There are a ton of great restaurants so you can work in the industry and go to school at the same time.


Hope this helps.

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