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OK so i know i started another thread here that was to try and get help between deciding LCB  or Lincoln  


but I'm curious am i really going to learn anything in a private school for 19,000 - 25,000 ? 

that i won't learn at  the Community Public College for 5,000 %  ? 


i am full aware of the fact that  just because i graduate from a Culinary Arts Program that does not mean that i am a Chef 

it just means that i have been trained in Culinary Arts and food services 


but when i go to get a Job 

is it  really going to make a difference weather they see  Atlantic Tech Institute  Community College   on my Diploma 

VS     Le Codon Blue  College of Culinary Arts 

or  Lincoln Tech institute of Culinary Arts ? 


Like i know  the reality of getting a job paying 40,000  50,000  right out of school is not a reality even 35,000 a year 

In reality i am thinking that 
I can probably get a Job  right out of school working 10 -13 dollars an hour as a line cook or something along those terms 

and average somewhere around 20,000 on the low end  to 25,000 a year  on the high end 


yeah it would be really nice to have my Certificate that says  Graduate of  Le Cordon Blue culinary arts College of some other big name 

and yeah i guess looking at a diploma for going to community college may not be 2 thrilling 

but really is it worth it ? 


I have already been excepted into  LCB in Miramar FL there Miami campus 

i am  i am going to visit Lincoln On  Tuesday Next week 

and Monday i will be taking a test to see if i can get into the program for the Community College 


but  i see it as Thursday next week being the point of no return once i go for my Uniform Fitting 

and visit the school again and see how i loved it but for looks and name i don't know if ill be able to turn it down if that is the case 


any help here with what i was asking would be great