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Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies

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New here so forgive me if this is already discussed - haven't quite been able to get the search to work for me :(


I have a wholesale pastry shop and one of the items we provide is inclusions (e.g. chopped cookies, etc....) for small ice cream companies. One of my clients is wanting to expand to ice cream sandwiches and has asked if I can create ice cream sandwich cookies that will stay soft when frozen. I'm a bit limited as they sell to 'natural' food stores so there are many items on the banned list (e.g. high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, bleached flour, etc...).


In looking at many companies that provide commercial ice cream sandwich bars, one of the main ingredients is corn syrup which I assume, along with palm oil, keeps the cookies somewhat pliable.


Does anyone know of any ingredients I should focus on for my testing. I was wondering about replacing some of the sugar in my recipes by making my own invert sugar? Also wondering about tapioca syrup?


Any help will be most appreciated before I start out testing as I would like to save some time during the recipe development process.



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honey and sunflower oil?

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