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8 course menu wine matching (and order of service)

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Hello all,


My best friend and I love cooking and we are doing a dinner party for 6 people based on Heston Blumenthal's 'Home' (with a few courses from elsewhere). We need some help with wine matching and possibly the order in which we serve the dishes if it assists with the flow of wine. Can anyone help? If you think that there are any courses that are a no-no, feel free to say!


Here is the menu:


- gin and tonic granita

- Lamb Jelly with Cucumber Salad (amuse)

- Szechuan broth with duck dumplings

- Mushroom Jelly with Mushroom Cream

- Garden Salad with Sauce Gribiche (this has 'edible soil' with black olives - hard to match?)

- Licquorice poached salmon

- Pigeon breast with port wine sour cherry reduction on celeriac puree

- Mint granita with apple juice

- dessert tba (I'll let you know when we figure it out, but I'm more comfortable with dessert wine pairing). Likely to be a pannacotta, possibly basil with something on the side.

- Palet d'or with chocolate, passion fruit ice cream and a surprising fun gelee (don't know what the surprise is - my friend is doing this one!)

- petit fours


Really hope you can all help!


With many thanks,

Two keen London cooks!

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For wine matchings I have three basic rules. 


1)  Go from sweet to dry

2)  Go from white to red

3)  Keep the dishes simple.


So how many wines do you have?

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Maybe a Sparkling Rosé for the Szechuan broth with duck dumplings? I'm assuming that it's a little spicy and I always like sparkling with spicy.

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thanks for the responses so far!


I've been doing some thinking  and these are my ideas so far - it might be easier to feedback on a bunch of my terrible ideas! We're thinking of doing 6 different wines so there's lots of scope here.


Sichuan duck broth - interestingly, I don't think this is going to be spicy - the sichuan peppers are very much a background taste, but there's nothing else hot or spicy in it. I'm thinking that it's like a dim sum dumpling in an asian inspired consomme.

I am still intrigued by the idea of a sparkling rose though, esp if it can carry through to the next course.

I had been thinking of a gewurtztraminer/riesling cabinett or I had found a chasselas from switzerland which apparently is supposed to go well with dim sum - tasting notes say "Aromas of pear drops and lime echoed on the palate with a hint of smoke and smooth minerality". This is a bit of a risk as I don't know the wine or grape at all.


Salad - I'm really struggling with this. Predominant flavours are black olive and a creamy gribiche with capers and cornichons. I have no idea what to do with this. Would a bone dry rose be crazy? I have no idea!


Mushroom cream and Jelly - I feel comfortable with my choice here, but I'd love better ideas if you can think of any - was thinking of an old chenin blanc and have found a nice 1998 Savennieres.


Licquorice salmon - not sure what to do here - would like to do a red. Pinot? Grenache? no idea.


Pigeon/sour cherry/celeriac - pinot noir has been suggested, but I'm wondering if I could beef it up to a cab/syrah blend of some description


basil pannacotta, chamomile jelly and fresh strawberries - a demi-sec chardonnay champagne has been suggested for this - I love this idea! I also have a riesling ice wine to hand - could that also work?


the palet of chocolate/passionfruit - muscat or LH semillon have been suggested for this depending on the balance of the dish - I will have to find out more about it and decide.


Hope this additional info helps spark some ideas!






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I think you're right on with the bone dry rose for the salad. Also I like the idea of the old Chenin Blanc with the Mushroom Cream and Jelly.


I did a quick search for a pairing with the salmon and the suggestions were Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay, but for a red.... maybe they're looking for something with a little more acid? Someone help me out here. Maybe a Chianti Riserva or a Crianza? Going out on a limb here.


Okay did another quick look and maybe you're on the right track with the Pinot Noir lol.gif


For the Pigeon I personally would be hesitant pushing it up to a big wine, but that's me. If you're worried about the Pinot Noir being repeated, assuming you're going with it for the salmon, maybe a Côtes du Rhône?


For the basil pannacotta I would stick with the demi-sec chardonnay champagne. I think that the sweetness and carbonation will play well off of the basil pannacotta.


I should mention that while I have been around wine for awhile, I am definitely a novice when it comes to wine and food pairings.

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