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Hi from Sweden

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Hi, my name is Viktor and I work as line cook in Sweden. I'm 26 years old and I starded cooking late in life.


A couple of years ago I was studying to get my masters of laws at uni. while I was studying I worked part time as a pot washer, thats when I found out what I really wanted to do. I fell in love with everything from the food to general atmosphere of working in a busy kitchen.  


I quit uni. and signed up for culinary school, best decision of my life. I have been wórking in kitchens for about two years now. The last five months  I've been working as a line cook  at a upscale restuarant.


I'm here to get inspiration, share ideas and ask questions.

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Aloha, Welcome to Chef Talk Viktor.

From Pot washer to line cook in two years?

That’s fantastic!  I just love to hear stories about folks who make their dreams come true.

You are in excellent company here at CT!  It’s about EVERYTHING food.  I’m sure that you’ve already found that culinary experiences range from CCI to ‘can’t boil water’, but we’re all here to chat and share and generally have fun.  The kitchen can be a hustle-bustle place; it’s much more relaxed here with lots of respect for each other.

Please feel free to PM one of us Mods or an Admin person if you have questions once you’ve gone over the Tutorials, FAQ and Community Guidelines.

Once again Viktor, Welcome.

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