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looking for advice

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So...a few problems in this kitchen with temp control on defrosting (seafood primarily) , burger temps and cooking process, and need of new recipes for sides and specials. I don't kno how to go about fixing these issues and not sure how to bring in new ideas. It's typical starter menu burger and fries simple dinners and mostly fried food. Small kitchen with a HUGE seating capacity. I need simple quick and easy sides and specials. We have high volume and no way to keep up. Please any advise will help so leave a message I'm am open to anything. P. S. I have knowledge and experience but my fellow workers aren't as passionate or as knowledgeable as I am.......
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Can you be a bit more specific on temp/defrosting problems?

As for recipes and specials-

Different meats to make the burgers is a current trend. Also different cuts of beef mixed together.

Burger toppings from different cultures.

Burgers with seasonings, cheeses, etc. mixed in. 

Different batters for the fried foods- beer, tempura, yeast, etc. 

Different quick salads with unusual ingredients. Coleslaw made from Savoy cabbage, or seasoned with spices from different cultures. 

Macaroni, potato salad with unusual ingredients or made from different pastas or potatoes and different unusual dressings.  

When you get a chance, visit various ethnic markets. That always sparks a lot of ideas for me. 

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Well they tell me not to run water over the frozen fish,scallops,ect. Said tosave water..... They are looking for side order that's seasy recipe everyone to follow potato salad they tried to complicated for my co workers I guess burger specials dont do too well they try different kinds of fish but that doesn't sell much either most of the cooks here over cook all burgers none really sold with pink but customers ask for rare mid rare nd med but don't get it I'm really trying to turn this place around I just don't know how to go about doin it
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Well wait for the health inspector to come call them out on it..
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