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Hello from a passionate cook

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My name is Evan and I love to cook.


I recently retired from the field of education and I have spent a lot of time reading online blogs, websites and watching videos. The bad side of this is that I gained weight but they say to never trust a skinny cook.


Recently I bought a Weber grill and my wife claims that "I have issues." I created a blog about it and I made sure I injected a lot of humor there too.


I am interested in all kinds of recipes. I love going out to eat but most, if not all, of the local restaurants serve mediocre, at best, food. So, I cook at home and I have my wife giving me feedback on the recipes I use.


By the way, I love this forum. It is very professional and I enjoy being here.





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Aloha, Welcome Evan to Chef Talk.

So glad you found us!  This a vibrant and diverse community comprised of folks of varying skill levels.  I think that there is still a Social Group somewhere in CT on BBQ & Grilling, you might want to take a look.  In any case, the Search Bar at the top of the page is most helpful with topics of interest, many have gone around the world more than once.

Please take a moment to review the Tutorials, FAQ and Community Guidelines.  Should you have questions in regards to the site, feel free to PM a Mod or Admin person. 

I think that you’ll find that everyone here is very helpful and respectful.

I hope to see some of your dishes in the Galleries soon.

Once again, welcome.

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Hi Evan, I want to great and say Hello. I know that you are a passionate chef cook like me and I can help you to find a good recipes and I'm very happy to help you.


Thanks and more power,

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