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Knife Suggestions

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Hey everybody, 

  I've been using my wusthof on the line for about the past year and while it has treated me well I've decided to look into buying a new knife for a couple reasons.  I am compulsive about my knife being the sharpest it can be and sometimes it takes only two days of service to feel noticeably duller in my hands.

    Basically I'm looking for a knife that is a thinner than my wusthof, a workhorse, takes an edge, and keeps that edge.  Brand is not a concern to me, and country of origin doesn't bother me.  I'd prefer to keep the price around $200ish and lower so I can still have money for some spoons and such.  Thanks for your advice!

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No matter what you buy, it will get dull eventually.  If a Wustie gets too dull to live with in a couple of days -- it's not likely that you'll get more than a week out of even the best designed Japanese knife made with the highest quality alloy.  So much is related to where you set the bar for acceptably sharp, and I'm willing to accept that you're a sharpness junkie.  But a lot of it is related to how and how well you sharpen too. 


There are too many contingencies for me to break it down in terms like 60% sharpening, 40% knife (or vice versa) other than the knife's edge taking and edge holding properties.  But those are certainly important.


When you say you're sharpening every other day, what do you mean?  Wait.  I don't mean what do you mean by every other day, what I'm asking is:  How do you sharpen?  Do you consider yourself a skilled sharpener?


Do you need your knife to be stainless?  Any chance you can live with carbon?


Would you be willing to consider an Asian style "wa" handle, or are you only interested in a yo knife.  



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I would do some serious research before buying anything.  I would recommend reading here first, one to get some reviews on all kinds of kitchen knives, then the articles about knives, steel, and sharpening.

Your wusthof is made for medium carbon stainless hardened to Rc55, it will need to be sharpened regularly.  If you can take care for non-stainless, there are many options including custom makers.  You would see a world of difference using a high carbon steel knife tempered to Rc62-63 with a very fine edge, total angle less than 25degrees.


Scott just a tired old sailor glad to be home from the sea
Scott just a tired old sailor glad to be home from the sea
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Thanks for the reply guys. My sharpening routine for Routine sharpening is to take it to the 1000 followed by a polishing on the 6000. I consider myself to be a proficient sharpener but as my old chef said, a knife can always be sharper and you can always be a better sharpener. I dont have much experience with carbon steel or wa handled knives and my main concern would be how they handle 14 hour days of sweaty hands. For carbon steel im sure i could care for during most circumstances, but I know at some point I would be in the weeds and may forget about itfor a mminute. I want that feeling of lasering through proteins and herbs to last longer.
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