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Making Formed Pasta at home?

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I am curious if any home cooks or the like there of make there own formed pasta.

I may be using the incorect term but I am thinking like elbow noodles, penne, rigatoni, exetera,


If so what equipment are you using and do you like your equipment.

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I have a KichenAid® with the attachments for different pasta shapes. 

Its okay I guess, but I feel that it’s just too much of a bother, with the setup, cleanup and then breaking it down and storing it. 

My DH really only likes rigs, so I found an excellent brand that is imported from Italy.

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I tried making my own pasta and found that I really sucked at it! So I tend to stick to the kind we get at the store that is either whole grain or made from veggies. Once in a while though I'll get the kind that is made at our deli and  is fresh made. It's a time issue.

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OOO, I may have phrased that wrong, DH loves pasta, I make all kinds of pasta, but as to the ‘shapes’ it’s rigatoni

Lasagna with fresh pasta made with semolina flour, marinara made from San Marzano tomatoes, sweet Italian sausage and three cheeses finally I got it right after 20+ years and DH LOVED IT!!


scratch made raviolli with red sauce made from san marzano tomatoes (canned from Italy), served with meatballs and sausage, YUM!!










Making pasta is a very relaxing Sunday activity, and then Sunday Supper is that much better when you hear, "you made this?"

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For the little it's worth, the "correct" English term for what you're calling "formed pasta" is "extruded pasta." 


In order to make extruded pasta, you need -- wait for it -- a pasta extruder.  They can be electric or manual.  In addition to the extruder, you'll also need a die for each particular pasta shape you want to make. 


The dough used for extruded pasta is different from that used for rolled and cut pasta.  Rolled pasta is usually made from pasta fresca -- usually made with egg; while extruded pasta is made from pasta secca -- usually just water, salt and flour.  Extruded pasta dough is, typically, much stiffer than pasta fresca -- the stiffer the better.  


Most people think that even average extruded commercial pastas are better than homemade; on the other hand, those selfsame "most" agree homemade pasta fresca is the way to go.    


In terms of extruders/presses, I've used the KA which I thought was okay, but very inconvenient; and a hand cranked Torchio which was much better, much more inconvenient, AND a great workout.  I'm a largish man, my feeling was that the hand cranked Torchio wasn't what you'd call "woman friendly" for setup, storage or use:

Cute, though. 


I understand that Kenwood's extruder is better than KA's but couldn't say for sure; besides, it isn't exactly easy to get a Kenwood mixer in the US.  On the subject of stand mixers, I'd put money on the proposition that Electrolux's version for their Assistent -- dies attached to the meat grinder -- work pretty well, because everything that machine does seems to work; but again, I couldn't say for sure. 


If you're serious about doing this on a regular basis in home quantities, I think you'd be better off with a stand-alone electric machine which mixes and kneads the dough then extrudes it.   Lello supposedly makes good ones; Viante too -- but I have no experience with either.



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