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Where to go in New York

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I am currently a senior in High School in Brooklyn, New York. Can someone please do a little research for me and recommend me a college/school/culinary arts institute  nearby where I can enroll to be on my way to become an executive chef? Food is my passion. I would appreciate any advice. 


How is this one?

I have my doubts about it because it is a cheap community college. Maybe I should enroll in a 4-year college to get a business management degree? Can someone please shed some light on my situation? I do not know what steps to take in order to obtain my dream. 


Also, I have no experience working in the food industry.

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Hi finegentleman,
I would suggest the International Culinary Center in Manhattan, i personally know many people who attended the school as well as many of the chefs instructors.
It hosts the French Culinary Institute as well as the Italian Culinary Academy. It offers different courses and plans and overall is a great but expensive school.
The other option is to start from the bottom and just work your way up in a professional kitchen. It would take longer, but you would earn a living while learning and you will eventually be way more "street smart" culinarily speaking than most of the newly minted "chefs" from any school. It is really your call, but either way a great passion and a fearless character is required for a successful career in this field.
Good luck!

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Cool. I am thinking of going to college first to obtain a business management degree and then enroll in this culinary school? I heard that to become a chef, I must be able to manage money and labor. While in college, I would work in a restaurant as a waiter or dishwasher. What do you think of that plan?

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Actually, before making any rash decisions I'm going to take the cooking class for teens that introduces the fundamentals of cooking.

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This program has an internship and it is a lot cheaper. Why would this not be a better option?


Please reply!!!!!!!!!

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