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I love food

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Just found this forum the other day and love it already!

I own a small bakery outside of Toronto, so I bake all day & spend my evenings cooking at home. Can't wait to try some of the stuff I have found on here already!

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Aloha, Welcome April to Chef Talk.

This place is wonderful, isn't it?

Feel free to jump in; I hope you will come to play in the forums besides the pastries.

Please take a moment to review the Tutorials, FAQ and Guidelines and should you have questions in regards to the site, PM a Mod or Admin person for help.  CT has been around for 10 + years, so mant topics have been hassed over several times, the Search Bar at the top of the page is very helpful.

I hope to see some of your work in Galleries!

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I really love this website and I found that this website will help as to get achieve. I will visit your bakery someday Mr/Mrs/Miss April.


Always Regards,

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