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Beef Stroganoff

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Hey guys, I'm making a slow cooked (135 minutes) Beef Stroganoff for dinner tomorrow night, and I want to serve a side salad with it. One salad I am liking the sound of is Caramelized Fennel and Onion, but, will it go well together? If not, are there any small but amazing side salads you would suggest?

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Something with a bit of acid to balance all that yummy fat.

Maybe something using sweet/sour beets, served cold.

Colorful and flavorful.



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So like beetroot and orange salad?

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I would also go with a cold salad. Fennel, apple & orange make a nice combo.
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The salad should offer both acid and crunch... otherwise the meal will be too heavy and mushy. Add some really nice crunchy-crusted bread too!

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Fennel, Apple & Orange it is then. :) Thank you.

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