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inspiration needed,please help :)

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hello everyone..

my name is stephan ferdinand,im 18 and i am sri lankan.Im very passionate about cooking..specially on the lines of pastry and all sorts of conffectionary...i did a diploma for 1 year and 3 months on baking & pastry arts,now im currently working as a trainee pastry chef for a hotel in our city..i love cooking for people,most of all,seeing people smile at themselves after eating your food,for me,now thats the greatest reward you could get...working along side some great chefs our country has to offer is truly amazing...but sometimes it gets a bit too rough...i constantly keep thinking to myself.."is this what i wana do"..but then i instantly snap out of it & say "ofcourse"

I just need some inspiration..& hopefully,i could get that inspiration from this website :) 



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cool you came here to inspire your passion for cooking.  i suggest you avoid the posts about working hard and long days for little money.....or working with poor cooks that get paid more money than you.....or working for angry chefs that throw pans at the other cooks....or working with stupid people that make your job more difficult...... or working with young inexperienced cooks because this industry is saturated with them and you can't find any one better sometimes....or working for owners that the bottom line is way more important that your health or safety in a work place.....or dealing with crappy food distributors that bring you green tomatoes and brown lettuce......or...


don't get me wrong with my comments.  i love cheftalk and read the comments often and reply to some.  i am a canadian living now in salzburg austria and not doing a great job with the german language.  so coming on to cheftalk is great because it is like being back home and listing to all my bros b%$§h about this industry that we all love to work in.  so post your stories and comments about what people say and have fun with this website.  i hope it inspires you to continue working.  i feel it inspires me and entertains me.  there are some great chefs on this site with great advise and good stories. 

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the thing is...i dont get paid a cent for working even as trainee..but i dont care about the money right now...i just wana get as much experience possible so that i can get used to this so called industry that we love to work in and maybe go abroad & work in a much better kitchen..

i really appreciate the comments and views from your perspective..and i agree,i think cheftalk can realy help me & support me in this culinary journey of mine & i hope it does the same for each & every member on this site.. i would love to hear from more chefs & culinary enthusiast's..this can be the help that i've been wanting for some time now..and im glad i came across this web site


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