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sugar work

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Can anybody help me with pulled sugar. I made a batch of pulled sugar. But Instead of it becomeing white it looks shiny yellow  colour.I have taken care that it shouldnt be caramalized. Have cooked it till 55c. Kindly help........

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Do you mean you cooked it to 155c? I'll assume you did. As for the yellowing, make sure your using a heavy bottom pan, the sugar will color faster with a thin pan. Also, while using your heavy bottom pan, make sure you have the burner as high as you can without the flame going up the side of your pan. If you cook the sugar at too slow of a rate, then it will take on more yellow, you want to cook it fast. Even if you do it correctly, the sugar will always be a little bit yellow, but will turn a nice white after pulling. If your still not able to get it to where you want, I'd get a white sugar coloring, that will solve any problems your having with it not being white. Another alternative is using isomalt. When you boil isomalt, it wont color the same way sugar will, so you can much easier get that nice white your looking for.

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Thank you Minas6907 for your advise. It mean lot to me ....

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