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Does anyone have any experience with using home-grade induction equipment in a professionall enviroment?
I work as a chef in a small bistro in the south of France, doing 25 covers (2-3 courses) for lunch and 20 covers 2-3 courses) for dinner pr day. We are located in an old castle wich are having strict rules when it comes to using gaz, and since the kitchen is rather small (14 m2), heat and air temperature is a concern.

I would like to have 4-5 burners. When I contacted our local pro-supplier he quoted me a 4 burner solution from the french manufacturer Charvet. $ 13.600,-  Have been looking at De Dietrich Induction Piano  wich I think looks rather sexy. Approx $ 4.500,-

Like the zone-principle and the size. I know that the warranty explicit says "normal home-cooking", and that the risk is on me. Just wonder if anyone have any experience with using home-graded inductions professionally......or have any thoughts on it.