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Honing steel question

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I have a diamond honing steel that I got in culinary school and it has gotten pretty dirty from use. I was wondering if a "super eraser" for ceramic rods would be good to invest in or if there is something around the house that I can use. Thank you for your time in reading and responding to my question.

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do you have a diamond or ceramic steel?


diamond you should be able to wipe off with a scrubbing pad, easy as. 


if its ceramic then yet you do need to "clean" it every now and again. The black stuff is the steel from you knife filling the pores of the rod and creating a sort of slurry on top. A green scrubby should work fine. I use one on mine. Steel wool is too aggressive. 


Though do not to apply too much pressure as it will break, or clean it so often that you are using up your rod on cleaning rather than honing. 



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I have a diamond steel. Thank you for your response. I will try that. I AM planning on getting a ceramic rod once I am able to afford one as I have heard that the ceramic is a much better investment than the diamond steel.

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