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Ipod iphone pos

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How do people feel about this? The 2i have seen have great functionality and are easy to upgrade and relatively inexpensive, plus I don't have to deal with an exrestaunt manager/drug addict/cheesedick salesman. My big problem is that in the casual spots that have theese it looks like all the staff are texting. Am I just old? I would prefer paper/memory order taking then pos out of site but not an option for this project
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I was using square register on an ipad as a POS on my food truck. As is common practice now on food trucks. It was definitely an easy to use, simple layout. I'd say it was the easiest to use POS system I've used. But, the ease of use is also its limitations. You really can't use it in a restaurant with a large menu. The rates charged with square are great, if you're doing smaller volume, smaller transactions. But if you're in the business where the average ticket is more than about $25... Then there are better rates out there.   There are other programs you can use besides square or square register that are a bit more complicated, more restaurant friendly, but they haven't seemed to take off yet and their rates are about the same. 

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