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Hello ! I am a senior in high school and I have a big dilemma with choosing to go to college or not. I have been working at this local Italian restaurant for 9 months and they just told me that they are moving their restaurant. They want to start a whole new restaurant with this amazing chef that's been all around the world. He didn't go to a fancy culinary school just a regular college and then just worked for many years. 

  Ive asked him what his opinion of culinary school is and he said that many people who come out of CIA (the college I want to go to and that I got accepted to) aren't very good. He knows only a few that actually turned out well. He also says that its all about experience than a diploma. He offered me a job being a line cook at the new restaurant and he said that he would teach me everything.

  Personally Im not fond of him. I think he is kinda rude, talks behind peoples backs and complains a lot about frivolous things but aren't chefs mostly like that? The question is... should I go to CIA or learn from him?  I might not have this opportunity so fast to work so closely to a chef like this. PLEASE HELP ME :(