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The Great Spring Roll Problem!

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Hello everyone.    I have a puzzle for you!  Well more of a problem really.


We're about to open a kitchen, 680 person capacity bar, doing asian tapas etc.


I have six varieties of spring roll.


I have a rational combi, which will be steaming dumplings all service.


I have a single well double basket deep frier and also a normal gas oven.


On a busy service how will I identify the spring rolls?  They are made at a commercial kitchen and brought in frozen so no identifying marks on the pastry.  The barramundi ones look exactly like the crocodile and wattle seed ones which look exactly like the asian greens ones.


How do we do large numbers of these in a deep frier and identify what's what and also try to cook to order at the quiet times?


Anyone got any ideas?  Other than shelling out another $14K for another combi and just baking them?



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You're starting a business upon premade, frozen food? That's what has me puzzled.


I'm sorry, I don't have any ideas about how to differentiate between your rolls using only 1 fryer.

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They are just our bar snacks and they are made offsite by us and frozen before service due to the numbers we will be doing.  In an ideal world we would have the kitchen space and a brigade of 30 to make to order but we operate very successful businesses in the real world with real world considerations.  I would gladly hear your suggestions for spring rolls.  Up to 5000 per service.  How you would achieve this.  What your kitchen design would be and how many staff you would require to operate it.

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Maybe different colour fryer basket handles for each type of spring roll.
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Anyone know a supplier of sectioned baskets, or of six basket fryers?

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back when I was using electrolux fryers (they suck by the way), I was using multiple baskets in each one.  It's still going to be confusing though - think about putting 12 plates in the window at the same time, each one a different type of roll.  When you produce them offsite (since you are doing it yourself, kind of), can't you roll them into different shapes? Triangles and what not?

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What about edible soy based ink. I dont know how it stands up to frying but I have seen it on tofu amd cheeses, or a branding iron if you make them you can mark the wrapper somehow in advance
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The chinese bun makers dot a little food coloring ontop of the buns to distingish them, I guess that could work for frozen deep fried stuff.

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