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Dish ideas for two seperate menus

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Putting together two menus for an assignment 


Menu 1: Bistro (can be any cuisine but the dishes should relate to each other and fit an overall theme)

Menu 2: Healthy


Shoot some ideas! What would you do?



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How many courses?  I would definitely do a soup of some kind for one of the dishes.  If you're looking to do healthy food, you could try doing a Mediterranean themed menu.  With that type of a theme, you could maybe do a dish with stuffed vegetables, which would give you a lot of creative leeway, because you could do anything, whether its zucchini, bell peppers, eggplant, or even onions.  You could stuff them with quinoa and some other veggies, throw some breadcrumbs on top, and it'd be fantastic.  For the soup, you could try a cold soup appetizer with greek yogurt and fruit, maybe blueberries or blackberries, and make it Mediterranean.  


Just a couple of ideas for a fellow student :) Let me know how it goes!

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I like iMeshellas idea of stuffed veggies i would omit bread crumbs and put some colorful brunoise of different peppers and veg into quinoa so you can show off a variety of colors.  Would come out sounding something like quinoa stuffed zucchini with roasted bell pepper and tart celery. Our nutrition teacher did a quinoa with a light vinaigrette and pickled vegies sounds odd but was good. I enjoyed designing a speakeasy menu old fashioned cocktails food with a suave but relaxed feel nice wine list and updated drinks from prohibition era a zuit suit feel if you will. One good option is to do cold soup shooters a sweet potato and crème fraiche layering soup then crème fraiche then soup and so on in little shooters is tasty and give visual appeal. You could also do a selection of shooters I’m a big fan of a nice chilled gazpacho can be colorful and delicious. I am currently working on a rustic Italian garden theme for a buffet featuring a lot of floral designs like sunflower crisanthums a lot of red and gold garlic and sun dried tomatoes. My fellows are doing other themes like hunter , fresh from the coast. A hunter game theme is a tasty menu .  If its an all on paper menu project  a couple good tasting dishes with cool names are green goddess salad , blue envy salad , bacon bison burger on a house made brioche bun or do a shooter series of black angus, bison (mayby elk?  Hard to find in some places) and a wild turkey burger for a change of color and texture and give them each a different topping and different looking bun.

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