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crumbling cookies

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Hi there!


There is one other person & myself on Chef Talk trying despartly to find a recipe that Italian Bakeries make, it seems like a butter cookie & yet these cookies are piped out, (but NOT dense like a spritz cookie) its the ones that are dipped in chocolate w/sprinkles, others are filled with jam/chocolate. Im pretty sure that it does not call for any almond paste. I have made several of these different recipes using the paste. (still not what we are looking for). Can you offer any information? thanx so much!!

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Like sable a la poche maybe?


240g plain flour

180g butter

120g caster sugar

2 large egg yolks

vanilla extract optional


beat the butter and sugar to a cream

Add the yolks

Add the flour and mix to a smooth paste

The mixture can be piped  - pipe into a rosette and top with a little jam before baking for the jam variety

Bake at 190C (conventional oven) until golden 

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