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Cupcake boxes

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I am desperately looking for cupcake boxes with inserts. Does anyone know of a site that sells them in less than a 100 quantity??
Thank you!!
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Do you have a cake decorating store in your area?

A hobby store that sells Wilton and other supplies geared for the home baker (WalMart usually has a few in stock) will sometimes have cupcake boxes, but not so much the inserts.

Those are good places to purchase small amts of cake/cookie/cuppie boxes.

Some restaurant supply houses will have some on hand just for completeness, but don't count on it.

I could not resist posting a link to these adorable but oh so frivolous containers




Didn't catch the site clue... google search cake /cupcake decorating supplies.

Do your math tho..100 pieces may be way more than you want or need but the price per piece may be way less $$$.

Maybe you have some baking buddies that will split the cost.



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Thanks mimi! The issue I am having is the inserts. Ive tried several craft stores and can only ind the boxes but no inserts.
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If you live in or around Houston there are several cake deco stores that stock what you need.
Check for such stores and give them a call.
Have you considered the clam shell type?
If they will do beg some from a grocery store bakery.

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