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Hello again , it's been awhile .......

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Hello ,


My name is Koen Lauwers , I live in Belgium ( Europe that is ) our capitol is Brussels.

I'm 45 Y  , currently I'm teaching classes in a hotelschool .

In Belgium ,amongst other countries , people can go to high school and learn a job . So I teach 14 to 18 year olds how to become a valuable cook . It is a fullfilling job . I like it .

I wasn't always a teacher .


I started my education in a similar school , but I chose the path of I graduated as a pastrybaker . Started to work as a fierce (18-year old) pastry"chef" in a restaurant.

After a while the restaurant lost a kitchen aid and I was asked to help out .

Since then I never looked back and I mastered the craft .

I worked at ships for about 3 years as a chef , wanted to see the world....learned a lot there!

When I became 30 , it was time for my own restaurant . I felt I was confident enough , had more than plenty of experience and a girlfriend who was gonna step in .

So I fulfilled a dream .


I gave it up 4 years later due to several reasons,   9/11 was one .

I went back to work as a head chef .

I still do catering and high style dinners  on the side ;-)

that keeps me sharp .

Occasionaly I help to start out a business , or I give workshops . You can say I miss the action :) Teaching IS a nice job, but I need more.

About 5 years ago I registered here  , but I kinda lost interest.

Well I'm back now , curious and anxious .

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Aloha, Welcome back to Chef Talk, I guess is the greeting then, chef Koen.

When was it that you were last here, and what username did you have?

You might want to re-familiarize yourself with the site by going over the Tutorials, FAQ and Community Guidelines.  Should have any questions in regards to the site, please PM a Mod.  Take a look around, I'm sure loads has changed since you were here last.  Please don't forget about us Home Cooks, we have plenty to bring to the table.

Once again, welcome.

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Thank you , Hope to be of service .

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