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Hi, I'm new here.

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Hello.  I've been lurking on here getting lots of good tips for a while now and I thought I ought to register.  I'm not an industry person, just a supporter with an appreciation for all things culinary.  


- DS

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Aloha, Welcome to Chef Talk Diego. 

I think that it's fabulous when folks

who were lurking join the conversation. 

A note on that, the three Pro-forums are

for people who are in the biz.  Guys like

you and me are asked not to post there.

Please take a moment to review the tutorials, FAQ and

the community guidelines.  Should you have questions

in regards to the site itself, please PM a Mod.

I hope to see you around often.

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Sorry, I meant to post this in the welcome forum.

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umm, this is the Welcome Forum Diego, Welcome to Chef Talk, glad you're here

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