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Whats up ChefTalk

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Names Adrian, student at LeCordonBleu Sacramento, entering Foundation 5 next week. Looking forward to learning new things beyond school. Interested in Meat & Seafood cooking. Plating techniques, all the good stuff in life.

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Welcome, Aloha Adrian.

Real glad you found Chef Talk.

This is an extremely diverse community, with folks from all parts of the World; with experience ranges from MCC all the way to Foodies who can't boil water. You might want to check out the Culinary Student forums, but please don't confine your posts there, non-Pros have plenty to bring to the table in the general forums. Did you see some the Reviews, Articles and photos in the Galleries? A-MAZ-ING! If you have any questions about CT, please PM a Mod or Admin person for assistance. I think that everyone here are generous with their talents and wisdom, loads of respect. Have a great time.

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