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Crepe pan purchase advice.

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Hi! I am new to this forum and need some advice about purchasing
a crepe pan. Don't have any deeper or good knowledge about materials
so i just wanted to ask about advice and which of them you maybe would buy or not buy.

Chasseur Cast Iron:

Staub 1213023 Pan:

Swift Supreme Non Stick Griddle:

De Buyer 5615.30 Mineral B Element:




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Are you going to be making a lot of crepes?


Personally the chasseur being enameled I would be worried I would chip it, I'm not a big fan of non stick pans and the De Buyer will probably be fairly heavy also I am not sure what metal type B is but if it is anything like the Matfer Bourgeat pans that I have I love them (really heavy but you get used to the weight over time and just as good as non stick for food not ... well sticking!!!!  )



Also will you be using this pan for anything else?


When I do make crepes I just use my 10 inch Matfer Bourgeat carbon steel pan ... works great

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I'm with highlander, I've made hundreds of crepes and prefer 8 or 10 inch nonstick saute pans.
The 2 I do have are de buyer type. Get em seasoned and use them for crepes and nothing else.
If I did buy a crepe pan it would be a convex type.
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I be using them 2-4 times a month i guess. Not that much to be honest.

Will mainly use them for crepes and eggs. Gonne have a look at the Matfer Bourgeat pans then :)

Liked Chasseur but mainly becuase of the prise.

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Was thinking about an saute pan as well but liked the idea of an low edge for spreading the butter like the real crepes

makers do. Maybe its little silly ;)

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Well if youre only gonna use it couple times a month IMO thats all the more reason

to stick to a pan, or type of pan, that you use a LOT. You already know it's weight,

it's balance and general feel. When I cook up a hefty batch of crepes, I usually have a

minimum of 3 pans going at once. i'm therefore moving constantly--since I know my pans well

cuz I use em all the time for everything,  I produce finshed crepes pretty fast, once I'm in the zone.


And by the way, I usually butter or non-stick the pan only on the first one-- after that

the fat in the batter takes over the job of not sticking to the pan. Its also in the proper

heat of course, but I rarely get sticks/destroyed crepes.

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