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There’s a thread in the Pro-Catering forum, looking for suggestions on different choices for baked potato toppings. Us Home Experts can only read in the three Professional forays, though we do have plenty to bring to the table, every night. 

I SOOOOOOO wanted to weigh in on this topic.  There’s a restaurant two towns over from us that serves various stuffed baked potatoes, we just went there the other night in fact.  You have your choice of :

Pulled pork

Pulled Chicken

Pulled Turkey

Smoked Brisket (OH MY GAWD! Delicious! I had this the other night)

Sauté mushrooms with Garlic and Onions in butter of course

Smoked BBQ sauce

*I do prefer crisp skins, coated in oil and S&P*  I don't bake mine in tinfoil, the skin is the best part!


A potato isn’t a bad food at all, it’s the stuff we put on it that adds the poundage to our, well you know where.  wink.gif