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Hello this is Fred from Ct. very pleased to join you
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Fred from Ct here. Have been in business since 1975. CIA grad 1976 m. Years of experience hotels and private industry. Currently owning my own catering business. Would love to help in any business questions as well ad day to day operations for you have less experience in these areas
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Aloha, Welcome to Chef Talk Fred, so glad you decided to join the conversation.  

Take a look around and please take a moment to review the tutorials, FAQ and community guidelines, every community needs rules, right?

I hope that you won't get stuck in the three Pro forums, those of  who are not in the biz can't participate there.

I hope to see some of your work in the galleries, there's some pretty good stuff there, form Home Cooks as well as CCI.

once again, thanks for joining us.

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