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White Wine with ???

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Hello, i'm trying to come up with some nice dinner recipes to pair with white wine. I've heard fish is good to pair with white wine but can anyone tell me more specific meal ideas?

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I like to glance at it has a lot of great recipes already paired with wines to get you started its a bit cheesy looking but the recipes are usually very good.  Its hard to come up with ideas unless you know what proteins you have available what type of white fish what can you get local for meat as well as seeing about local wines that are good . And from there seeing which direction your going in terms of sauces cooking methods ect. My favorite simple dish that is amazing if done with caring is chicken chardonnay  and of course serve it with chardonnay.

Other good ones to pair with wine that are not hard. 


Beef Bourguignon

Osso buco 


Grilled chicken with white wine and mushroom sauce (paired with semi dry white)


roasted halibut with onion wine sauce 

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Great thanks for your help. That site looks like it has some great recipes. As a chardonnay lover i may just have to find that chicken recipe you suggested!

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Hi! Well, I would say it really depends on what white wines you are there a specific that you enjoy? You would be really surprised about the fun & different ways to do food & wine pairings. I work in a winery & love to talk food & wine, so hit me up w/ any questions!
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That's awesome! Yes I really enjoy sweet white wine. Some of my favourites include Gewurztraminer, and riesling. I live near British Columbia so I have access to some nice wineries and love how the restaurants at the wineries pair they're wine and food. I'd love to hear your opinion or what some of your favourite wines are! 


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At our winery we make a hybrid of a gewurtz, & I typically say it is great w/ turkey! A nice dry ries is great w/ spicey asian food, but the 2 are interchangeable. I love a good sav blanc w/ guac or fish tacos. Another fun white pairing is chard w/ shrimp & grits!
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Gewurztraminer I have heard several of my teachers mention this wine from time to time i have not been able to try it yet im very curious about it and will have to pick some up.

I LOVE chicken chardonnay as a lover of all creamy sauces i could not resist i dont remember if its proper but i made mine with a toasty roux and added some good garlic oil(which is easy to make ) it came out incredibly smooth  in all its a 10 -15 min dish max. It is important to have all fresh i was bored one day and trapped on the farm so i tried making it with what was around the house IE canned mushrooms and some wine i found in the fridge hahah it was a horror show .

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Fish fingers would be an ideal dish to order along with white wine. You can also try out the chili prawns and other seafood variants that are crispy.

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