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Brisket Help!

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Hey, i've been searching for the perfect brisket recipe. There is a restaurant I went to that served brisket on a bun and I have been trying to duplicate it ever since. I want to make a brisket that just falls apart when you try to cut it and has a buttery taste to it. If anyone has a recipe that is close to this description please share!

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Hi Zoe,

Brisket is generally cooked slow at around 250 deg for as much as 10 hrs depending on the size and cut. A full packer with the deckle included can be 10lbs-17lbs. You need a smoker with the capacity to cook low and slow. I have done some high heat briskets that I cook at 325 for 6hrs which can turn out ok but you lose the bark some. I generally will season with Montreal Seasoning and sometimes inject them with beef broth and Worchester Sauce mix..

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BTW Don't forget to slice against the grain with a very sharp forschner type knife

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just so happens, that I have a brisket being finished as I type.


what I do is make my own injection of real butter, smoked jalapeno, lime with zest ground and my own blend of spices. I inject at least 3 days prior to smoking. then i spray the brisket with a jalapeno butter,(bought)  then my blend of spice and equal parts of dark brown sugar. I start the brisket out @ 350*  for 15 min then close the smoker down to a temp of 120*. I use hard wood coal and smoke with pecan shell. 5hr later I remove the brisket from the smoker and place it in a nesco roaster with my bath water. ( juices and broth from smoking other meats that I have reserved)  200* for 2 hrs. and again slice the brisket cross grain.

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I really dont usually use a recipe for brisket, you can put anything in the mix, but then I  usually braise it.

In the oven. Simmering. It takes about 3 to 4 hours to  break down all the cologen and reach "pulled" status.

The cooking liquid's basically beef stock or broth dark red wine, spices, worchestershire, add carrots, onions,

celery (you can use leeks and other things, I dont) Not sure about a buttery taste, but it's plenty tasty this way.

The trick to oven braising is you MUST keep it simmering. If it drops below that, it will not cook right.

You can braise in a pot too of course.

Make a pan sauce from the braising liquid, and there ya go.

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For my taste, theres only two real tricks to getting a brisket to be meltingly tender, and overwhelmingly beefy-smokey flavored: simple dry rub, and smoker technique.    For the rub, I generally just use salt, freshly cracked black pepper, and a small amount of smoked paprika, and rub it on generously with a small amount of olive oil.  I let it rest for at least 40 minutes while setting up the smoker, but rubbing the night before works great too. 


Smoke fat side up over mesquite for 4-6 hours, before covering with thinly sliced onions, and covering in foil.  A small amount of apple juice or apple cider vinegar in the bottom of the foil pouch can help here.  Wrap up tight, and smoke for an addtional 4-6 hours, until fork tender.  Rest for about 30-45 minutes before slicing into.


You want to keep your smoker at 225, although depending on your model of smoker this may be easier said than done.


Good luck, and happy smoking!

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