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Short order cooking

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After culinary school and years of fine dining line cooking, I'm now semi retired. I've taken a job as a short order cook in a college cafeteria. Weekends and holidays off!, Layoff with unemployment in the summer! I have a life again!


Anyway, after being used to cooking everything as ordered, I find myself serving dry, limp and cool french fries, dry burgers that are more than well done (only well done allowed), etc.


Can ChefTalk include a thread for us short order cooks? Like me, other older semi retired chefs would like to help each other with tips on improving the quality of cafeteria food.



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... and if you don't mind me tagging onto your thread...


And could ChefTalk also add a description category inthe Profile Culinary Experience for "short-order cook" and "former short-order cook".  Maybe even a "Home short-order cook" would be appropriate for some people with more than one teenagers.  :)

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