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Setting a menu

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Hi there,

My first assignment and already kinda stuck. I need to set a menu for a small coffee shop and I'm not sure where to start. Are there any preferred places I can get ideas and information?

Any help will be appreciated
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I mean... have you been to a coffee shop recently? ;)


I can't provide you any scholastic or formal stuff... but I can tell you that I currently work as a (sole) cook in a coffee shop, so I have some credibility on this issue.


What kind of coffee shop is it? Something fancy, or something more low-key?


Either way, sandwiches and "snack food" are your bread and butter. Honestly, if it's an upscale coffee shop, I would look to a tapas-styled menu.


Be more specific and I'll try to help you brainstorm! :)

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Hi Sansei,

It's upmarket cafe with traditional African dishes but I'd like to stay away from your light dinners on the menu.

As you say I'm looking at your pastries, sandwiches and lunches. I was just wondering if there was a method especially with the layout and setting prices.

For now I'm just incorporating ideas that I love from different places.
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Hmm... now we're getting into realms where I'm not very educated, so take my advice with a grain of salt. Heck, I may be telling you 100% what you already know.


In regards to pricing, I've heard that you need to price it so that you make about 30% profit off your raw ingredients. In other words, you're going to have to do a fair amount of math and measurements to calculate how much each item on the menu requires, and then convert that into a competent pricing scheme.


As far as menu layout... I doubt I need to yammer on about much since you're probably a culinary student. I'd categorize the dishes and arrange them by both narrative and by what the guest is likely to order. Narrative meaning appetizers first, fried stuff, cold stuff, etc.


I'm probably not offering much help, am I? ;)

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More help than you think! It's my first month at school and I'll have about another month or so to refine the menu so thank you very much.
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