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Three-To-One Ravioli

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This is a recipe that I've been came up with a few months back.  I make it with fresh pasta, pre-made store bought pasta.  The name comes from the fact that there are three kinds of meats and one kind of cheese in the filling.




Ground Beef

Ground Pork

Ground Lamb

Goat Cheese




Sea Salt

White Pepper



All-Purpose Flour


4 Eggs

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


It tastes pretty good, but some people think the spicing is a little strong.  I tried to use only herbs and spices that went well with all of the meats used. 


I left out the exact ingredient amounts so you can decide them on your own how much you need. 

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I would like to point out that I meant to say premade store bought pasta is not as good as fresh pasta.  I do not own a pasta maker, but there is an Italian deli near my house that makes very good pasta.  I buy pasta from them whenever I use it.  

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