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How many chefs do I need?

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HI there, I need to prepare and cook two mains:  Chicken pot roast with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes served with rice and pasta bolognaisse served with pasta.  Then for afterwards. Jam sponge and custard and apple crumple with cream.


I need this for 100 people.  How many chefs will I need to prepare and cook the food and how long do you think it will take them?


Many thanks

Missy xxx

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I moved it here since the pro forum is for professionals only.


For me, with the proper cooking equipment, probably a one person three hour job.

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Thank you so much for your reply.  That's excellent.  SO if it is me and my friend, we should be able to do it.

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Of course, but there are ways to make it easier.  How do you intend to do it?  I would make the pot pie filling first, then make the bolognese sauce, then make the pie crust, fill the crusts and bake, start the rice, boil the pasta, then figure out how to serve.


So, how do you intend to make the pot pie filling?  You can use pre cooked chicken and frozen vegetables, or are you going to use whole chickens and bone them then boil the bones for gravy?  Would you be chopping your own vegetables or will they be purchased pre cut?  Or a combination?


Are you using your own canned pasta sauce?


Is your pot for boiling spaghetti large enough to do ten pounds?  Twenty pounds?


Do you have a rice cooker?


 Stuff like that.  You have to figure it out before you can get an accurate time.

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The desserts can be (in fact the Trifle tastes better after an overnite in the fridge) be done the day before.

The pasta sauce can be done the day before, also (keep in a different fridge from the dessert).

Chop all your veg for the chicken dish the day before, also.

Day of the party all you have to worry about is stew, rice and pasta.

Easy...let us know how it all comes out.



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Wait - is it "chicken pot roast" or "chicken pot pie"?  Big difference in the stress factor. 

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Oh sorry I misread.  What the heck is my problem?

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I was thinking same as you Kuan - I mean "chicken pot roast"? - my mind went to "pot pie" too - then I reread the OP and just had to ask. lol.gif

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