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Hello everyone,


I've been lurking for a while but this is my first post, so first thanks to all who have posted information that I've used to guide my decisions thus far!


First, a bit of information about my set up. For what it's worth, I'm a (non-culinary) student who simply enjoys cooking.


So far the knives I have purchased are:


Lion Sabatier 10" Chefs (K Sabatier stainless steel knives are apparently no longer imported into Australia directly and I got impatient but liked the overall feel of this knife so went for it despite the lack of information surrounding it)

Mac Superior 10.5" bread knife

Mac Pro 80mm paring knife


Knives I plan to buy in the very near future to round out my collection are:


Masamoto VG 210mm Gyuto

Masamoto VG 150mm Petty


I also have a 240/1000 Grit combination waterstone, and a 3000/8000 grit combination waterstone (I am new to sharpening so this seemed like a good place to start).


As I live in a share house, I'm storing the knives in a roll to make them inconvenient to access by my housemates, hopefully making it less likely for them to use them to opening bags of carrots with them! So far, it's working.


Ok, on to my question - after reading numerous threads, it looks as though for the knives I have/plan to buy, a ceramic or glass/borosilicate hone is the way to go, with the ones typically being recommended being the Mac and Idahone available from CKtG. The problem is, being from Australia, shipping from that particular website is fairly astronomical and it is often significantly cheaper to order from Australian e-tailers. The Mac hone's are available through the website Everten, however they have two different 265mm (10.4") Mac Black ceramic hones, both listed as 'medium' grit. In the description of one, it says it is 1200 grit, the other says 2000 grit, with a $4 difference in price. Which one is likely to serve me better based on the knives I have/will be getting? As the price is practically the same, I'd rather just go with whichever one is going to be more useful.


Here are links to the two items in question: 1200 grit 2000 grit


Any suggestions for other equipment I should try to get my hands on would also be welcome!