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Sabatier Authentic?

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I bought these locally, was just wondering if they are original..

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Looks like it is, they say K-Sabs, which is the oldest still existing factory in Thiers, Fr. They are stainless. Bet you like them! But I'm no expert, but Aine & Perrier are the right company in that oldest factory. As you know, there are a lot of Sabatiers since it isn't trademarked. BDL will know, I imagine.


But here is their website:

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Thanks for the quick reply.  :D

 I tried Researching on the "Sabatier Perrier" label and couldnt find information on them, only K Sabatier

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Also dont know what High Carbon means.  I thought it meant Carbon Steel but on the other end of the label it says Stainless Steel. 

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If you search around there are some posts on high carbon etc. But basically it can be a high carbon stainless, or a high carbon  "carbon" knife which is not at all stainless. Those you bought are stainless steel, but a high carbon stainless, so they are a good steel, and K-Sabs are great knifes. But they aren't the K-Sab non stainless "carbons".


My very limited understanding is stainless knives have around 13% chromium, and semi stainless more in the 10-12% range, and there are some that are "stain resistant" like D2 tool steel which has even less, they develop a patina like carbon knives do. And the true carbon (usually high carbon btw) have no chromium in them and you need to dry them often and occasionally oil them. But they develop a patina through exposure to air/moisture, or you can force a patina using whatever, like mustard and water... But they will rust if left wet...Search around, you'll find a thread that BDL explains all this.

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Will do that.  I have limited knowledge of the vastkinds of metals. 

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