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Curing Pickling etc

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Ok to start off i have been in and out of the forum a bit. in the spring i was working on a project with high hopes of curing picking preparing a lot of our own food and time ran out for many of these things so we had to source out, after this i went into a more molecular fine dining based kitchen. last week i have taken a job as a sous chef at a small bit more rustic place. at the moment i have the chance to play a lot more with curing pickling and a lot of old school style as the menu is based more on pure flavor than flash and presentation. any advice, recipe etc is much appreciated. also anyones thoughts philosiphy is also appreciated.Thank you ahead.  

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Im also very interested in this,  my experiences are mostly with vegetables and herbs, most popularly fennel and beans. incorporating ingredients such as cinnamon or dill.  if i had the resources i would love to try exotic salts  or various flash cooling methods.  this season i plan on pickling some garlic scapes... 

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I have had the chance to do a lot more with it lately. basic pickling mix 1 part sugar 1 part water 1 part vinegar boil up season and throw something in it. testing different times and researching more now. Also looking more into cooling terrines etc. last week made pig belly terrine close to a head cheese or pig head terrine with charred pickled shallots mixed in  and some nice balsamic. it has become one of the important parts of my position is an interesting chark plate.  

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