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Hi there. I love to bake and found this site while looking for a yellow cake recipe. My father and grandfather were both chefs and my grandfather also was a baker. In 1955 his cheese cakes sold for $25. Sadly he never wrote anything down and nor did my father. They died when I was a teenager 20 days apart. While my mother never quite developed even fair cooking skills all seven kids five of us have seemed to been born with their passions. Today while I cook very healthy meals, baking I enjoy all the sinful stuff. My goal is just to keep enjoying and learning to love fresh non gmo food. Thanks
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Aloha, Welcome to Chef Talk

This is an amazing forum site.; I was doing the same thing almost two years ago, looking for an answer to a cooking question. Sometimes I am just amazed at some the photos in the Galleries as well as to how willing people here are to share in everything food.  But that’s what it’s all about, right? 

I take great pride in feeding my family and friends, and CT has helped me to do it better, smarter and more effectively.

I want to let you know that us folks who are not employed the busy are asked to read only in the three Pro forays, but they are very informative.

Once you’ve gone over the FAQ, Tutorials and Community Guidelines, if you still have any questions, please post them in the Feedback & Siggestion forum.  The Search bar at the top of the page is very useful, as many topics have been discussed many, many times.

I hope that you will visit often and 'like' on Face Book as well.  Once again, Welcome!

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