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Pastry Flour vs APF

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Hello all~


i am in a delema. I want to make this butter cookie recipe BUT I want to use pastry flour instead of APF, Do i need to adjust my pastry flour, or can i use the exact same amount as i would have with APF?



Butter 10oz ( 2sticks + 4T)
10X Sugar 10oz (2 1/2 c)
Salt 1t

Shortening 10oz
Vanilla X 1T
Orange X 2t
Butter Flavor (extract) 2t

Fresh Large Eggs 1
Egg Whites 2

All Purpose Flour 1.5lbs (4 1/2 cups)


Method: Creaming

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In short yes. In long reduce the AP flour weight by 14% and replace that amount it with cake flour so 20oz of AP flour 4oz cake flour, sift very well.

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 I am purchasing all pastry flour tomorrow morning. I wasn't going to add any APF to make my own pastry flour.


But I do have some cake flour on hand. I'm new to using all pastry flour, so it will be trial & error. do you think i should add some cake flour OR APF, as so it's a blend of flours? thanx!

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