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Hello All

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Hello all, 


    So this is my introduction to the forum.  I work in a professional kitchen, and have done so for the last 5 years or so.  I have been reading the forums here at ChefTalk for quite some time, and now find myself in a position where I need to ask some questions. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my passion for food, and especially cutlery with you all.


    Thank you all in advance for your time and insight,



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Aloha, Welcome to Chef Talk

This is a great Community, so many different culinary skill levels from all around the Globe. 

Feel free to join the conversation or start one in the relevant thread. 

Don’t pass over the Articles, Reviews and Gallery; there are some fantastic photos of folks work and fun stuff too.  Try the Search bar at the top of the page when looking for an interest; a lot of topics have gone around the block a few times already.   

Whatever you do, have a good time doing it!     

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