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Nut-free Macarons

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Hi everyone!


I have always wanted to try and bake french macarons, but they are almost all made with almond flour. I have a nut allergy.


I really want to try this recipe:


which uses peanut flour as a substitute for almond flour. Could I use coconut flour instead of these nut flours?


Or does anyone have a recipe that has worked for them that is nut-free?



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I don't have any experience with nut-free macarons, but I have seen coconut flour that is ground as finely as needed, so it seems like it would be worth a try.

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I've heard of people making them with corn flour. I'll see if I can dig up the recipe.

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I had a series on nut-free macs on my site with several guests including Bravetart. Some were made with seeds...etc. All gorgeous and delicious. Very talented bunch. Here is the link to the entire series: This one is with coconut I can't recall but might be others in the series. 

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I do this all the time, ground flax works perfectly.
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Hi,what I did because I didn't wanna go out to the store and buy almond meal is looked it up on youtube "making nut free macarons". And I got a video that helped and you should too!smile.gif
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