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Bakery is closing and selling some stuffs

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I want to ask you guys if these items and the prices are a good deal or not?

- triple sink 24" x 24" 3 bay with left drain board $480
- 18" x 18" 3 bay with right and left drain board $ 375
- True Triple door freezer. $3250
-True Combo Fridge Top /Freezer Bottom. $1200
-Baking racks, $80 ea some 10 rack and some 20 rack
- trays to go with them $6 ea
-cambro storage containers. Starting at $12 ea with lid. If you buy more then 5 the price is $10 ea with lid. He got various depths available.

What do you think?
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The sink prices aren't bad; it depends on the quality of the sink.  Some of them are "tinny" while others (older ones) are really heavy and like tanks.  If it's a heavy sink, it's a good deal.  If it's a lightweight SS, then no so much.  I'd opt for deeper because if you're washing a 30 quart bowl, you want to be able to get it into the sink and to be able to move it around. A new 3 bay, 24" depth with both drain boards is about $750.  A used sink may or may not come with a faucet and/or sprayer so that's something to consider.  New sinks don't include them, you buy them separately.


I hesitate about used refrigeration, you never know what kind of headache you're buying.


For baking racks, do you mean speed racks?  That's not a bad price for them, new they go for about $180-200 for the 20 slot ones but again, if any of the slots are dented/banged so the sheet pans don't fit, it's not much of a bargain.  If you can, make sure a pan fits on each set of slides.


The sheet pans prices are just ok; again if they are the heavy kind - straight and level, it's a good price but usually you can find used sheet pans for $5 or less at an auction.  New ones (16 gauge) are $12/each; 18 gauge is $10 and sometimes if you buy a dozen you can get a discount.  Buy the heaviest ones you can find; they just don't make them like that anymore!

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I came to the same conclusion especially the fridge smile.gif

I don't think it happening to buy a couple things because the person is not replying back for a couple days now. It seem like he went to someone else. The person asked if I can come check out the stuffs in the morning but couldn't because of work and asked if it possible to do in the evening of that day but the person can't... understandable cause it a short notice of a couple hrs and I guess the person was occupied and asked me about the next morning but couldn't .. Then I asked what the best afternoon/evening time ... Haven't heard from the person for 3 days now

I guess I will have to look elsewhere now... Oh well
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