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Hello colleagues

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Hi everyone, 

as a quick intro my name is eddie and i recently began working the in the field about 2 years. hopefully ill be a avid contributor to this websites and hope to make many friends from the near future.

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Welcome to Chef Talk from a home sick island,

Kaneohe girl (in AZ)…

A line cook?  Where?  I WISH we were back home.  Funny yeah how food is a common thread for us folks from Hawaii.

Jump in, the water is great here at CT, no forget us Home Cooks. Check everything out, the FAQ, tutorials and the community guidelines; if you hit a snag just post in the Feedback & Suggestion forum.

The Galleries are awesome!  (To toot my own horn, last year we went to the Fish Auction down at Pier 38, way cool!)  I’d love to see some pix of some of your work in there.

Whatever you do braddah eddie, stay well and visit often.



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