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Greetings to all

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Just wanted to drop in to say hi. I do competition BBQ events as well as some catering to my friends and neighbors. I am a Certified BBQ Judge with the Kansas City BBQ Society. I have a strong background in meats and Dutch Oven cooking and really picking up the pace in pizza and Italian dishes. We are in the AZ desert 20 min. from anything so we don't dine out much, but then again not much quality out there.

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Aloha and Welcome to Chef Talk.  Hey, you’re closer to SOMETHING than we are out here in the middle of the desert; that’s why I cook.  And I concur, them’s slim pickin’ ‘round these parts.  I would love to hear more about completion Q, I’ve never been to one but I would bet it’s a blast just to watch, stressful to cook in.

Take a lookeyloo around, a note though, the 3 Pro forums are read only for folks not in the biz.  Did ya’ see the Galleries yet?  Some cool stuff there.  Also, please ‘like’ on Face Book, there’s somethin’ cookin’ there too.

So glad you decided to join in the conversation, once again, welcome!


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