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Middle-sized Petit Four Cutters??

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I've been looking for some middle-sized petit four cutters in both round and square. I bought these from Amazon, but they're way too small - only one inch across and two inches tall. I work with a pastry chef who has some exactly like I'm looking for - his are about 1 3/4" across and almost three inches tall. I asked him where he got his, but he doesn't remember because he bought them so long ago. So I know they exist!


I've exausted my local resources and checked every baking shop, retail cooking store, and even called bakers I know that sell petit fours. Nothing.



Does anyone know where I can find these larger petit four cutters, about 1 3/4 inches? I found some REALLY big ones, but they're too big (like 3-inches across, more like cookie cutter size).






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what about 2 x 2?


If not might I suggest a hardware store, and have them cut some 1 3/4" aluminum pipe into 3 in sections. 

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That's not a bad idea. I wonder if not having the sharp edges of thinner metal would rough up the outer texture of the petit fours?

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Any handy friends with a grinder or heavy duty sander?

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If you plan to fashion these cutters please make certain that the materials as well as the method are food safe.
Of course just having to bring this issue up is silly, right?

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I googled and found sets with assorted sizes, and know why you had to come to CT to ask, most were too short.

Amazon has many to choose from

The most ridiculous was a set of 6, assorted, from France for about $73.

What kind of idiots do they take us for?



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